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Happy customers.

"I have always loved to give gifts to my friends and family for birthdays and special occasions. I love each item I have received but my favorites thus far have to be the personalized Grandma pillows. Being able to list each granddaughter and several of their unique qualities was so, so special for them. There were tears in their eyes when the gifts were opened. I know it's something that will be cherished forever. I don't have to worry about the names washing off and peeling like vinyl might. I keep coming back for more because I know I can get exactly what I'm looking for here. The prices are super. The quality is great. Nicole is absolutely wonderful to work with. Hands down my favorite place to come for gifts!"

Emily B

"I can't wait until Christmas so I can post your work on my personal FB page!! But I had to let everyone here who has/has not had a chance to purchase just how incredible it is in person!! She is not kidding about the softness of the pillow cases! My only disappointment is that 12x12 isn't big enough! (But that's my own fault -- I should have measured ?) Next time I'll go for the larger sizes! Once they are printed you'll want them EVERYWHERE & for everyone you know! ?? Looking forward to more projects soon! ❤️❤️❤️ "

Jenny O.

"My son absolutely loves his pillow cover. Thank you for encouraging me to add the handwriting message on the back. It really made it something my son will treasure for years to come!"

Marie L.

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