Truth be told I would rather have called my business and blog, “She’s learning (albeit very slowly some days) to abide in joy”. It would be a bit awkward on a biz card so I went with “She abides in joy”.

No, I have not “Arrived” and sometimes looking at this name and cute little logo I designed, juxtaposed with my life, makes me cringe.  I do, however, have a message to share as God has, and is, doing a great work in me in the areas of letting going of striving, perfectionism, legalism and the like.

Here, I invite you to pull up a comfy chair, a cozy blanket, and a yummy snack and walk with me on this journey as we learn to let go of the old (bondage, striving, perfectionism, fear, judgment, anxiety, and control) and embrace the new (grace, mercy, JOY, REST, trust, surrender, giving and receiving love). It’s such a better place to be. Believe me…I know. More on that later… ; )

My artwork has come as an outgrowth of all that God has done in my life and the freedom I have come to know.

I hope it blesses you! 

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