Joy-Infused Home Decor

See the Word,

Remember the Truth,

Abide in Joy


I realize we haven’t met but can we be real with one another?

What do your inner thoughts sound like? 

Are they loving and nurturing toward yourself and others?

Or is there fear, doubt, condemnation, worry, anxiety, and/or despair reflected in your mind?

Are your thoughts being taken captive or are they driving your life?

We have thoughts like those above and many others that condemn and belittle us. Are we vigilant though to recognize these lies and to do something about them?

God tells us to

“take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

and also to think on these things: 

“whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy.” ( Philippians 4:8)

To be victorious over our adversary, we must fight against the lies by reading the Word, replacing the lies with Truth, and abiding in His perfect love, joy, and rest.

This is not an easy process though, am I right? We need tools and support!

So what’s really at stake here? 

Let’s be frank.  God has put inside of you a mission and a ministry to the world around you.  There is something that calls to you in the quietness of your heart; a dream, a plan, a desire, a destiny.  As long as you listen to the lies and remain in fear, you might not:

adopt the child who needs adopting,

write the book that needs to be written,

lead the Bible study or small group,

paint the picture that needs to be shared,

begin a new friendship with someone who needs your love and support,

start the business that needs to be started, and ultimately,

set others free struggling with the exact same battle as you!

The enemy of our souls, the accuser of the brethren, wants to steal, kill, and destroy you, your family, your marriage, your ministry and your message. As long as you stay in fear believing lies straight from the pit of Hell you forfeit the God-given dreams inside of you.  You, and me as well, do not enter into the Promised Land God has where you are utilizing the unique gifts and talents He has placed inside you to be a blessing to the world. 

Time seems to be going faster and faster. We only get one lifetime to make our lives count and move forward with the plans and dreams God has placed inside us. Are you going to let the fear and the lies stop you? How are you going to press in and move past the fear and lies? Will you join me as we break past our lies into our respective Promised Lands?

I believe it begins with surrender, trust, and a love for God’s word


The lies I have believed and my main struggles have surrounded perfectionism, drivenness, legalism, and yes, at times, heaps of fear. You can hear part of my story during my chat with Rhian. God has taken a girl (that’d be me) who couldn’t even read the Bible without experiencing shame, pressure, and fear because I was so bound in legalism and a perfectionist spirit to now creating artwork mainly based on Scripture. It’s a great story if I do say so myself! All glory to God!